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Testimonials: Testimonials

I have spoken to MANY people over the years (friends, career counselors, psychologists, veterans’ reps, and even other career coaches) as well as reading many guidance books about issues related to career and business. However, until now I wasn't making any real progress because I felt like people were not listening to me or understanding what I was saying (even the psychologists and other career coaches).


However, I find your approach to be different and far more effective, especially the idea of handwriting out your thoughts with regards to career…I realize now that is something I never tried before. Also, I like when you validate what it is I am trying to say. It is important to have someone acknowledge the reality of my situation when giving feedback.


Michael, thanks for being a great listener and for providing a unique style to coaching to assist me with critical decisions related to career as well as keeping me on track to achieving my goals.

John S., New Jersey

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